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Santorini photographer
Aaron Delaney Wedding photographer


There's nothing we love more than catching that moment and emotion of a couples special day and encapsulating it in a photograph and video.


I work together with my wife Tamim, and we make a great team.

Born in England and traveled in Greece for over 10 years.


We are based in Athens, Greece and cover all events from weddings, special events to portrait photography


Please look through our gallery and contact us today to discuss your requirements.

You can also follow us on Instagram to see where we are shooting at the moment.




Greece wedding videographer

Aaron & Tamim  Delaney




Where in Greece do you cover?


As long its accessible by plane, boat, car, motorbike or foot - Everywhere! Plus we also cover weddings Worldwide, as you can see from our gallery.



How many photographs will we receive?


This depends upon the package that you order.

We focus on quality rather than quantity, and you will receive enough to tell the story of your special day.


How will you give me my photographs?


All photos will be given to you on a USB stick or sent to you by a secure online gallery, from which you can download all your photos.



Can we print our photographs at a later date?


Copyrights for personal use will be given to you to print at your own convenience.


What deposit is required?


For small photo shoots a deposit of €150 which is non refundable.

For weddings, a deposit of €250- €550 (depending on the package. Some destinations/times may incur a larger deposit.) is required to secure the date, which is non refundable and then full payment  from 28 days before the event up to the day of the wedding or photoshoot. 



How many hours will you be at the event?


It depends on the package you order but it can be tailored to suit your needs.



When will my photos be ready?


For a wedding with hundreds of photos to edit and backup, and depending on the season it can take us about 4-12 weeks after the event, this depends on the package. But you will receive some sneak peeks a few days after the wedding.



Can you make me an album?


Yes we can! All our luxury albums are made at a special lab in England, contact us to discuss what you require.



Do you do video as well?


Yes we specialize in short film video package for the whole of your wedding. Please ask for cost and details.

Can I post my photos to social media?

We will give you permission to post to social media if you tag and write our social media account in the comments.


Do you use a drone?

No. But we hire drone pilots at every destination we cover that have insurance and license to fly the drone

Greece Photographer

Group shots


1) Keep group shots as few and simple as possible, the more combinations you have the more people get bored and run off to the bar.

It's more practical to have group shots at the place the ceremony or reception takes place, trying to get a group of people to arrive at a separate destination at the same time without getting lost and arranging lifts can waste a lot time.


Morning Preparations


2) Keep the room where you are getting prepared as tidy and clutter free as possible, that's going to be your canvas for your photos. The more sparse and clutter free, the more beautiful the photos will be.


Wedding Planner - Master of Ceremonies


3) If you don't have one give a groom's man the privilege of being your Master of Ceremonies. This is a huge help with group shots and generally they know who's who, but they need a commanding voice.


The Ceremony & Venue


4) Please check with the venue that photography & video is allowed.


5) Please tell me the full day's plan of when you will start to get ready, leave the house, ceremony time etc. 


6) We love new ideas. If you have any particular photos you would like to create, send me them or open a pinterest account and add me to your board so you can share ideas that you would like capturing on your special day


If I change my day's procedure just a little bit.


7) Even if you change your day's procedure just by ten minutes or add something else in, Please tell us it will make all the difference between catching those memorable shots.

who's who?

8) Ideally we need to know who are the most important people to you on the day, it would be great if you could send us a few snap shots of parents and close family/friends.



Useful reminders

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