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Milos island a hidden gem

One of the top destinations for Destination weddings and photo shoots in Greece is Santorini because of its captivating beauty.. But this is not the only island in Greece that takes your breath away! There are some others and one of them is Milos island.

Milos island is one of the lesser known island but has little white greek fishing villages mind blowing Volcanic beaches that look like another planet and yes the heart melting Sunsets.

Why is Milos different?

Basically there is a lot of variety on such a small island. having everthing you want whne you have a destination wedding in Greece plus extras that you cant get on other islands.

Firstly amazing fisherman cottages that back directly on to the beach and yes you can rent them on Air BnB.

Milos has its own special cuisine of oven cooked pot dishes with a mouth watering selection of meat or vegetable dishes.

But the best part of Milos that you cant find any where else is Sarakiniko beach formed from Volcanic eruption is mind blowingly like another Place I have visited, and for a wedding or a photo shoot its just something else.

With direct flights from Athens Milos island is an ideal place for a Destination wedding in Greece.

check out the Milos Photo of Anthony & Michelle

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