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Important questions you should ask before booking your wedding photographer

Some of the most important questions that couples dont ask is !


1) Can we see some examples of a full day's wedding shoot?

(Why should I ask this question?)

If the photographer doesn't have galleries on their site, it's good to ask this question as it's easy to get some good posed shots but to keep it up the whole day under pressure, that's where experience and skill comes in. its really important to look at a few full weddings the photographer has done, not just a couple of photos.


2)Can I print my images for personal use?

(Why should I ask this question?)

Since many things are digital these days, many people like to print their images at their own convenience. Some photographers will not allow this, or charge you a fee.


3) How many photos will we receive?

(Why should I ask this question?)

It's good to know this so you can compare cost and value.(but see below)

4) How many EDITED photos will we receive? (Please note this is a different question from the one above)

(Why should I ask this question?)

Its easy for the photographer to give you the memory card straight from the camera with no editing of the photos, if you're happy with this, that's ok BUT no professional photographer who cares about doing a great job will do this, they will spend time editing the photos, correcting the light, colour etc, so that you get the best photos of your big day. It makes me so sad when so called "professional photographers" spend no time on the photos after.

5) When will my photos/video be ready?

(Why should I ask this question?)

If the photographer says he can give you them the next day, then they are not going to spend anytime on colour correcting or editing your photos, generally 2-5 months is the average

6)Can we meet before the wedding to discuss the day?

(Why should I ask this question?)

Generally a good photographers will meet the couple before the day to talk over things in person or by Skype.

7) Do you have back up equipment?

(Why should I ask this question?)

The answer is obvious.

8) Do you require a meal

(Why should I ask this question?)

Generally is accepted that the photographer/videographer will be provided food when its a full day wedding event, if the photographer has to go off and find a meal vital time and energy can be wasted that the photographer could put in to capturing your special day, the majority of photographers will be happy with a vendors meal.


9) Will you be the person taking the photographs at my wedding?

(Why should I ask this question?)

Some photography studios have several photographers, it's good to check the individual's work and style.

10) Can I give you a list of shots I'd like you to capture?

(Why should I ask this question?)

It's good when you do this, as you can see how willing the photographer is to capture all the moments you had planned. If they are willing then that's a good sign, although it's not always possible to get all the shots due to time and occurrences of the day, but the majority of shots will be there.

11) How will you be dressed?

(Why should I ask this question?)

I hate seeing a scruffy photographer, not only do they stick out like a sore thumb but they also don't blend in so well, this is so important if you're having a videographer as well, as generally the photographer will be in a few video shots, which can look unsightly.

12) Will I receive the images in full resolution and without watermark?

The price should include images in full resolution without watermark, some photographers will charge you extra for this

As a photographer that to mean is not fair to pay for hidden extras

Don't be shy to ask the above questions, if the photographer doesn't like the questions then they're not the right one for you.

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